Let us assume you have recently bought a shipping container structure, or perhaps you are about to start the buying procedure. Perhaps you are wondering what you should do to prepare the future site of the structure. It is vital to ensure that your site is prepared for placement and that you have hired the required professionals, such as electricians and plumbers, to help you set up the container. Readiness helps you save a lot of time and enables you to utilize your Sierra Madre shipping container house right away.  


To help you, here are several things you should know about shipping container site set-up before delivery. This will guarantee you experience a smooth process. 

Preparing for Electrical Connections 

You should remember that connecting to power can be risky. You should only hire a professional electrician to connect your container to a power source. 

Before the container and delivered and connected to a power source, you should: 

  • Verify power is available at the site. 
  • Schedule a professional electrician for connection. 
  • Verify service amperage is compatible with the container you bought. 
  • Call local jurisdiction to figure out if permits are needed.  

You’ve got to prepare several things before calling an electrician. This includes: 

  • Figure out if you will be connecting to a generator or a utility service. 
  • Figure out how many exterior disconnect panels have to be supplied with power. The manufacturer of the container will be able to offer this detail. 

Preparing for Delivery 

There are a couple of items that you have to prepare before the container is delivered to the site. This includes: 

  • Figure out if a foundation is required once the spot of the container is verified. 
  • Call local jurisdiction about any required codes or permits. 

Once you get an estimated delivery date from the manufacturer: 

  • Call a local electrician or plumber for timeline of scheduling and pricing. It’s suggested to call an electrician or plumber as soon as a target delivery date is given. 

Preparing Site Before Delivery 

How and where to place the container will vary on the size of the container structure, how often the container will be moved, and the type of soil.  

 Single unit containers that will be moved frequently: 

  • Concrete pads and gravel are a choice but not required. 
  • You can place the container on a level, dry, and flat ground. This can include parking lots and bare earth.  

Single unit containers that will spend several weeks in one location: 

  • Check the container each month to ensure it is level if placing on bare earth. 
  • Unleveled containers can present a plumbing danger and make the door opening hard. 
  • The container might be situated on bare earth. But, you should also think about the gravel pad to lower the risk of settling.  

Preparing for Plumbing Set-up 

For safety and health reasons, it’s suggested that you hire a professional plumber to connect all sewer and water lines.  

Before connecting plumbing here are some things to consider: 

  • Verify sewer or septic lines and water lines.  
  • Schedule a professional plumber for connection.