How to Have an Effective Holiday Office Cleaning

It’s a great feeling to get your commercial property in excellent condition to start off the holidays. Aside from that, it can also provide new life to the appearance of your business and appeal to your clients. There are a couple of things you and your workers can do to help the commercial cleaning company you’ve hired to help you get through the holiday season. 

Here are several tips on how to have an effective holiday cleaning with the help of commercial cleaning San Francisco company: 

Get Everything Deep Cleaned 

First of all, you should know how much your commercial cleaning company would charge for a deep clean of your kitchen. The reason for this is that not every office has a kitchen available for employee use. Of course, the commercial cleaner should include deep cleaning anything that’s across the board part of every commercial space. You should examine that the commercial cleaning company covers all the basics. This includes floors and carpets, restrooms, dusting away cobwebs, and much more.  

Clean the Place Around Desks 

Almost every commercial cleaning service instructs their professional cleaners not to mess with personal belongings left around or on desks. These are items such as mostly eaten bags of chips, cupcake wrappers, your kid’s drawing, coffee cups, and much more. It might appear obvious which of these items are junk and which aren’t. However, almost every cleaning company has a “better safe than sorry” rule when it comes to finding items on your desks. 

Thus, you should get rid of as many things from desks a possible before the commercial cleaning company arrives. This will help make it possible to totally sanitize your personal desk. This is vital during the holiday season since it is the season where the flu and cold are high. Having a clutter-free and clean desk to come back to after spending time away from the workplace during the holidays is always amazing. A clutter-free desk has also been proven to improve productivity and make for more organized work. 

Clean the Things Inside Fridge  

You can begin by allowing employees to know there will be a mandatory cleaning of the fridge. Anything that isn’t removed or claimed by the owner should be thrown away on the day of the cleaning. A 2-day deadline is enough for this. When the cleaners arrive, get rid of every item inside the fridge. Clean under, outside, and inside the fridge to prevent the accumulation of debris and dust. In addition to that, this will also help avoid unwant4ed rodent or insect infestation. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you should ask the cleaning company if they will charge an extra fee for a kitchen deep clean. This will guarantee that every nook and corner of your kitchen will be professionally cleaned, from the floor to the baseboards and the counters to the corners. If you do this, you will have a nice and fresh kitchen after the holiday is done. If you delegate this job to your employees, you won’t obtain the same results.