Essential Pressure Washer Safety Tips for Beginners

For beginners, pressure washer equipment is similar to a normal garden hose; to professionals and people who know better, it is certainly not.

A pressure washer is a tool that uses high-pressurized water for the purpose of cleaning hard and sturdy surfaces and removes difficult grease and stains. Because the water is thrown with pressure, the water has enough force to be damaging to any soft and fragile surfaces including the human body. This is the very reason why pressure washer is always advised to be used by professional and certified companies and/or individuals who have enough knowledge and experience in using the equipment. Otherwise, accidents such as injuries to the user and/or surrounding individuals may occur, as well as damages to the surface being cleaned and its surrounding objects.

We give you the following to serve as safety tips when using a pressure washer, although it is recommended that professional companies like pressure washing Cherry Hill NJ must be hired to do this difficult work.

Safety Tips

1.Take some time to identify hazards and reduce risks before starting the task

You can take at least five minutes to think of the following questions to maximize safety and protection:

Am I ready to do the task today, emotionally and physically?

Is the area clear of hazards such as bikes, children, pets, trees, and toys?

Is the weather being good today and free from heavy wind or rain?

Am I ready to do interventions when the equipment starts to make weird noises and smoke?

Am I spraying near the electrical wire and closed areas?

Am I equipped with protective gear?

Do I know the potential hazards and accidents that might happen such as falling down the stairs while cleaning high areas or slipping through a wet ground?

2.Use personal protective equipment

The following are the recommended safety tools and gears you can use even when using pressure washer inside the house.

Gloves – oftentimes injuries happen to hands

Safety goggles – when using a pressure washer, flying objects as well as debris, dirt, and other things might fly and enter your eyes.

Enclosed shoes – there are already reported feet and leg accidents. Wear proper steel toe gumboots.

Ear protection – when you are using a gas-powered engine, it is recommended to use ear protection. However, this is not necessary is you are using electric pressure washer equipment.

3.Make sure that you thoroughly read the user manual before using the equipment

Every pressure washer equipment has some smaller differences. There is equipment that uses electricity, while others use gas. There is also direct drive, belt drive, and those that use cold or hot water.

The manual can be 10 to 15 pages long. Make sure that you read the first to last page and follow the safety tips as well as the instructions given.

4.When cleaning in an enclosed space, do not use a gas pressure washer.

This equipment produces louder noise as well as poisonous exhaust fumes that could damage you when you are in an enclosed or small area. This might cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.